Varanasi: Muhammed Rafiq reportedly caught sleeping with body of a 5-yr-old girl he dug out of a cemetery

shocking incident has come to light from the cemetery located in Rewari Talab area of ​​Varanasi, where a Muslim youth took out the body of a five-year-old girl from the grave and slept drunk next to her. On the information of the innocent minor’s father, the Laksa police station has arrested the accused.

As per the information provided by the Police, the five-year-old daughter of a person resident of Sadanand Bazaar of Dashashwamedh area died in the hospital last Wednesday during treatment. The girl’s body was buried in the graveyard located in Rewari pond area at around 9:30 pm. The girl’s father told the police that he had gone to see his daughter’s grave on Thursday afternoon. They became suspicious when the soil above the grave appeared unusual. When he dug the grave, his daughter’s body was missing.

When they started investigating, Mohammed Rafiq alias Chhotu, a resident of Rewari Pond, was found sleeping along with his daughter’s body in a corner of the cemetery. On this, he informed the police fearing something untoward happened with his daughter’s dead body.

Based on the information, the Laksa police station team came and took the body of the girl into custody and arrested the accused Mohammed Rafiq. Here it is important to know that Mohammed Rafiq works as a grave digger in the cemetery.

When the arrested Rafiq came back to normal condition, he told during police interrogation that he was so drunk that he could not understand what he was doing. He was also repeatedly assuring the police that he had not done anything wrong with the girl’s body. Rafiq told the police that he would face punishment for the heinous act he had committed. What face will he show to his family and acquaintances now?

The ACP Dashashwamedh Awadhesh Kumar Pandey said that a case has been registered and the accused has been arrested. The girl’s body has been sent for post-mortem. If the post-mortem report confirms any untoward incident with the girl’s body, then based on that adequate sections will be slapped on the accused.

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