Bangladesh: Islamists attacked Hindu family in Jessore, stabbed father and son; burnt home after filing complaint

Now, reports have been coming in from Shadipur village of Jhikargacha Upazila under Jessore district where islamic radicals attacked a minority Hindu family, stabbed the father and the son. The condition of the father is very critical now. 

As per the received information, Arjun Mondal is the resident of the Shadipur village for many years. Abdus Samad is his neighbour. For the past few months, Abdus Samad and his family members have been continuously threatening the minority Hindu family. They have been threatening to kill the members of the Hindu family if they used their ponds. 

On the morning of 16th of November, Arjun Mondal cut a banana tree for the purpose of a religious ceremony. The tree was on his own land. This made Abdus Samad angry. With sharp weapons, Abdus with his two sons Alauddin and Salauddin, attacked the minority Hindu family. They stabbed Arjun Mondal and his son Apurba Mondal. Also, they beat up and molested Apurba’s mother Lipika. Due to brutal stabbing, Arjun Mondal fell on the ground. He was taken to hospital. But on-duty doctors referred him to another hospital for better treatment. Later, he was taken to Bharat for treatment. His condition is critical now. 

Later, Lipika Mondal, wife of Arjun Mondal filed a written complaint in the Jhikargacha Police Station. Based on the complaint, the Police immediately arrested Abdus Samad, his two sons Alauddin and Salauddin and another one.

But, the next day, they got bail. On Friday night, the Islamist set ablaze the house of the Hindu family. Everything has turned into ashes due to the fire. Now, the family has taken refuge in another Hindu family of the locality.

Again, Lipika Mondal filed another complaint in the Jhikargacha Police Station. The Police arrested the accused Islamists again. Meanwhile, the minority Hindu family has demanded security from the Police and the administration. 

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