West Bengal

West Bengal: Armed Bangladeshi Cow smugglers cut wired fence, attacked Indian village, loot 22 cows

Bangladeshi cow smugglers stole at least 22 cows from a village near Bharat-Bangladesh International Border. The smugglers entered Bharat by cutting a wired fence along the border. 

As per the reports, the incident happened at Dhalgaon village of Raiganj under the North Dinajpur district of West Bengal. The attacked villages are near Pariyal BOP( Border Output) of the BSF. 

Some villagers said, “On the night of Monday, 13th of November, around 3 AM, more than 30 cow smugglers entered the village. They were armed. They took cows from our cowshed. We tried to resist but couldn’t, as they were armed.”

When cow smugglers were leaving, villagers shouted for help. Hearing the scream, BSF jawans from nearby outpost rushed. BSF jawans fired several rounds towards cow smugglers, said local sources. But, by then, smugglers managed to flee into Bangladesh. 

In the morning, BSF jawans saw that the wired fence in the border was cut. They think that a cutter is used to cut the wired fence. 

Meanwhile, BSF called upon BGB(Border Guard of Bangladesh) for a flag meeting and informed them about the robbery. Also, BSF filed a formal complaint in the local Police Station. 

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