Tripura: Minor Hindu girl kidnapped in Kailashahar, the Police arrested Muakhir Ali and Sirajul Islam

Abductions of minor Hindu girls are happening frequently in Kailashahar Sub-divisional area of Tripura. After the tragic incident of 21st of October, now a minor Hindu girl is abducted. However, the Police recovered the girl and arrested the culprits almost immediately.

 As per the information, on 2nd of November, Wednesday, the minor Hindu girl(16) was kidnapped from the town. She was returning from school. After the abduction, the girl was being taken to another district in an ALTO car. On Chinibagan road, on-duty Police officials in a Naka Checking stopped the car for routine questioning. Then, the girl in the school uniform shouted for help. 

Upon enquiring, the minor girl said that she had been kidnapped. Soon, on-duty Police officials informed Kailashahar Women Police Station. A team from the Police Station reached the spot and recovered the girl. Also, the Police arrested two persons from the car. The arrested are identified as Muakhir Ali and Sirajul Islam.

Notably, last month, on 21st of October, a married muslim man kidnapped a 13 years old Hindu girl from Paitur Bazaar area. Later, officials from the Kailashahar Women Police Station launched an investigation and recovered the minor Hindu girl. 

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