Pakistan: Hindu village in Sindh faces devastation; landlord sets fire to their homes

A Hindu Kachhi community residing in Sindh, Pakistan, has faced devastation as a result of hateful acts committed by a Muslim landlord. According to a report by South Asian Digest, the landlord’s actions went far beyond mere discrimination; they included the demolition of houses and even a temple, as well as the deliberate setting of fire to an entire Hindu village where families had lived for over four decades. The reprehensible actions of the landlord did not stop at arson and demolitions.

Reports also indicate that he and his accomplices resorted to snatching away the villagers’ motorbikes, further compounding the hardships faced by the already marginalised community. A video documenting the aftermath of the village’s destruction serves as a chilling testament to the extent of devastation that the community has endured.

It paints a grim picture of the growing violence faced by religious and ethnic minorities in Pakistan, highlighting the urgent need for protection and justice for vulnerable communities. The incident sheds light on the plight of the Hindu Kachhi community, which has been grappling with constant persecution and discrimination in Pakistan since the partition. This community is particularly vulnerable due to their often impoverished and landless status, leaving them at the mercy of influential individuals, such as the Islamist landlord responsible for this recent tragedy.

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