Ghar Wapsi

Ghar Wapsi in Bangladesh: 100 Christians embraced Sanatan Hindu Dharma in Khagrachari

Good news coming in from Khagrachari district of Bangladesh. In a Ghar Wapsi ceremony, 100 people left Christianity and embraced Sanatan Hindu Dharma. 

Notably, those who came back to Sanatan Hindu Dharma, belong to the Janjatiya Tripura Community. Many years ago, they were converted to Christianity under the influence of Christian Missionary groups. Actually, many Christian Missionary groups are active in hill areas of Chattagram Hill Tracks areas including Khagrachari district. They mainly target extremely poor Janajatiya people living in the hill areas. 

As per the local sources, in recent years, some of them wanted to come back to the Dharma of their forefathers. So, they contacted local Hindu activists. They arranged a Ghar Wapsi ceremony with the help of ‘Arya Samaj’.   

On 28th of October, Saturday, the Ghar Wapsi ceremony was organised at Bir Chattatala village. By offering ‘Ahuti’ in Yajna and uttering Vedic Mantras, the converted Janajatiya people of Tripura Community embraced Sanatan Hindu Dharma. 

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