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West Bengal: Islamists pelted stones at Durga Murti Visarjan procession in Birbhum

Stone pelting in Hindu festivals continues. This time, Islamic radical elements pelted stones in the Durga Murti Visarjan procession in West Bengal. The incident happened at Amdol village under the jurisdiction of Murarai Police Station of Birbhum district. Later, a vast police force controlled the situation.  

As per the local sources, every year, the Hindu villagers do the Visarjan of Maa Durga after a procession that goes through the village. But, this year, when the procession reached near a mosque, the local Muslims objected. They allegedly ordered Hindus not to take the procession through the road in front of the mosque. But Hindus disagreed with them.

Suddenly, stones were being pelted towards the procession from rooftops. Muslim youths, women and children started to pelt stones at Hindus who were in the procession. Local Hindus alleged, “The Police at first did nothing. The Police were just mute spectators. Islamists attacked us in front of the Police.”

Later, a massive police force and RAF reached the village and controlled the situation. 

Meanwhile, the videos of the Islamist attack went viral on social media. In those videos, it is seen that terrified Hindus are running here and there. 

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