Dhaka: Beef thrown in a Durga Puja mandap, the Police arrested 4 Islamic radicals

Amid incessant attacks on Hindu temple, beef is thrown in a Durga Puja mandap in Bangladesh. 

As per the reports, the incident happened in a Durga Puja mandap at Keraniganj of Dhaka. The Police immediately launched an investigation and arrested four islamic radicals. The arrested are Muhammed Sujan, Muhammed Rakib, Ibrahim Uddin and Ripon Hossain.

On the 21st of October night, during 2 AM, members of the Puja Committee saw that beef was inside the temple. They immediately informed the South Keraniganj Police. A team of the Police with high ranking officials rushed to the Puja mandap. They promised proper investigation and arrest of the accused. 

Later, based on the complaint, the Police launched an investigation. During the investigation, the Police checked the CCTV footage of the temple and nearby shops. In the footage, the Police saw that Muhammed Rakib and Ripon Hossain came near the temple in a rickshaw. They threw something towards the temple. In another footage, it is clearly seen that two pieces of beef were thrown inside the temple. The Police formed a special team and launched a manhunt. During dawn, the Police arrested them. 

During interrogation, they informed that they brought the beef from local meat shop owner Muhammed Sujan and his worker Ibrahim Uddin. They planned to throw beef inside the Durga Puja mandap. Then, the Police also arrested meat shop owner Muhammed Sujan and his worker Ibrahim Uddin. 

Later, high ranking officials of the Police department along with local political leaders went to the Puja mandap and promised them proper security during the remaining days of the Puja. 

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