Bangladesh: Islamic foundation issues notice to control loudspeaker of Durga Puja mandap during Azaan and Namaaz

Ahead of the Durga Puja, numerous attacks on Hindu temples and Murti breaking are happening in Muslim-majority Bangladesh. Amid this, the Islamic Foundation of Bangladesh issued a notice to control loudspeakers and other musical instruments during Azaan and Namaaz. 

As per the notice issued by the Habiganj district unit of the Islamic Foundation, the decision was taken in a meeting with Govt. officials. Also, the table of Azaan and Namaaz are mentioned in the notice. The notice is already been forwarded to different Puja Committees and the district management authority of Hindu Dharmiya Kalyan Trust. 

Meanwhile, the notice has created much buzz among the Hindu minorities. Already, Hindu minorities are cautious about the upcoming Durga Puja as there is an immense possibility of attacks on the Durga Puja mandap like in previous years. Now, the notice by the Islamic Foundation has come in. 

Notably, every year, the Police control uses loudspeakers and other musical instruments during Azaan and Namaaz in Durga Puja mandaps. Also, the tables of Azaan and Namaaz are put in Puja mandaps. 

It’s worth mentioning that a few weeks ago, Bangladesh Home Minister Asaduzzaman Khan told Hindu minorities not to increase the numbers of Durga Puja. Also, in the special meeting held in the Home Ministry, the officials already put several restrictions during the Puja days in the name of maintaining law and order. Now, new restrictions have come in. And the restrictions will bring fear among Hindu minorities, experts think.  

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