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West Bengal: Deepti with lover Javed Akhtar murder husband in Islampur, both arrested 

The Police arrested Deepti Tarafdar and her lover, Javed Akhtar, for the brutal murder of Avjit Tarafdar(38). Also, the mother of Avijit was seriously injured and is now undergoing treatment at Islampur Suv-Divisional Hospital. 

On Tuesday morning, the dead body of Avijit Tarafdar was found in his home at 16 no ward of Islampur town. He was murdered brutally. His throat was slit, veins of both hands were cut, and veins of both legs were also found cut. The body was lying on the floor in a pool of blood. His wife, Deepti, was in another room.

During primary interrogation, Deepti told the Police that robbers entered the home, and Avijit was murdered because he resisted. But, the Police officials found no sign of robbery in the home. Also, the doors were intact, and there was no sign of entering by force. These raised severe doubts for Deepti. The Police officials detained her and started interrogation. 

On the other hand, lying in the hospital bed, the mother of the deceased Avijit, Pratibha Tarafdar, alleged that Deepti, with her lover Javed Akhtar, had murdered her son. This clue became very crucial for the investigating officer. 

During interrogation later, the Police officials inspected Deepti’s mobile phone. But the Police couldn’t find any SIM card inside that phone. When asked about the SIM, she said the robbers took away her SIM card. Later, she confessed her crime and admitted that she murdered her husband with the help of her lover, Javed Akhtar. Meanwhile, the Police immediately launched a search and arrested Javed Akhtar from the Daspara area of the town. Notably, Avijit and Deepti were married for eight years. They had a six-year-old son. 

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