West Bengal

West Bengal: Hindu village under Islamist attack after the rape of a minor Hindu girl

Islamists attacked a Hindu village in Barot under Magrahat Police Station of South 24 Parganas district. Islamists ransacked houses, beat up Hindus and looted valuables things. 

As per the received information, on the 30th of September, a Muslim man named Zahoor Sarder(54) allegedly raped a minor Hindu girl(10) in the SC community. After that, the family filed a complaint at the Magrahat Police Station. However, the Police didn’t take any action against the accused as the accused is the brother of a local influential TMC leader.

But the girl fell ill and was admitted to a local hospital for treatment. After that, the situation took a different turn. The Police immediately arrested the accused, Zahoor Sarder. 

The angry Hindu villagers attacked the house of the accused, Zahoor Sarder. Angry villagers demanded compensation and expenditure of the treatment. Since then, attacks unleashed upon the Hindu village.

A Hindu villager alleged, “ Under the pressure of the local TMC party and its notorious leader Selim Molla, the Police raided the village. With Muslim goons, the Police tortured Hindu women, ransacked the homes and looted all the valuable things.”

Hindu villagers also said the attacks were happening at night, and the goons threatened them to withdraw the case. 

Meanwhile, angry Hindu villagers yesterday gathered in front of the house of local TMC MLA Namita Saha. They demanded justice and protection. 

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