Bangladesh: Islamists trying to evict Hindu minority families from their ancestral lands in Narayanganj

Amid continuous incidents of Murti breaking, news of land-grabbing attempts has been coming from Bangladesh. Islamists allegedly attacked Hindu minority families and threatened them to evict them from their ancestral lands.

 As per the received information, some Hindu families have been living in their ancestral lands for generations in Rupganj under the Narayanganj district. Recently, with the help of vicious people in the administration, a land mafia named Arif Ahmed allegedly made papers of the land. Since then, Islamists led by Arif Ahmed have continuously threatened Hindu families to leave.

 A few days ago, around 50-60 Islamists barged into the Hindu homes. They vandalised the houses and looted valuable things. They also put a board on the land, claiming that the owner of the land was Arif Ahmed. Since then, Hindus have been living in fear. 

Later, Bikash Sarkar, a victim of the torture of Islamists, filed a complaint in the Police Station. He also filed a case in Narayanganj District Court. The Court ordered the local Police to maintain peace in the area till the judgement is given.

 A Hindu man said, “We have been in the land for generations. Land mafia Arif Ahmed made false land documents with the help of officials in his name. They want us to be evicted from our homes. We have been living in fear.”   

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