Assam: State Govt. decides to do Socio-Economic survey of indigenous Assamese Muslims

Assam Govt. decides to do a special survey of indigenous Assamese Muslims, known as the Khilanjia Muslims. The aim of the survey is to develop their social and economic condition.

 As per the decision, the survey will include five indigenous Assamese Muslim communities- Goriya, Moriya, Deshi, Syed and Julha. Based on the reports of the survey, special schemes will be announced to uplift the social and economic status of these communities.

On Tuesday, CM Himanta Biswasarma approved this project and also directed the concerned authorities to do the needful to complete the survey as soon as possible.Notably, among Muslims of Assam, five communities are identified as Assamese Muslims, known as ‘Khilanjia Muslims’. Others are known as ‘Miyan Muslims’, who generally speak in Bengali language.

Last year, Himanta Biswasarma led Govt. classified the Assamese Muslims as ‘Khilanjia Muslims’ to differentiate from the Miyan Muslims.For many past years, the Assamese Muslims were demanding special recognition from the State Govt citing that they are different from Miyan Muslims. They also demanded special schemes as they are socially and economically backward. Last year, the state govt. has fulfilled their long-awaited demand of recognition as Khilanjia Muslims.  

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