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West Bengal: Murti of Maa Manasa broken, posters put with a call to slaughter Hindus; angry Hindus protest

On the 28th of September, angry Hindus led by leaders and members of Hindu organisation Hindu Samhati protested against the vandalism of Ma Manasa Murti and posters threatening Hindus to leave the area. After a promise from the Police, the blockade was withdrawn.

As per reports, on the 26th of September night, unidentified miscreants broke the Murti of Maa Manasa at Mahakurpara village of Ramchandrakhali under the jurisdiction of Basanti Police Station. The previous day, several posters were also seen in different places in the Sonakhali area under the same police station area. 

In those printed posters, it’s written in Bengali, “786, Darul Islam will be established, Kafir Hindus leave the area, the Kingdom of Allah will be made, Kafir Hindus will be slaughtered.” As the posters surfaced, local Hindus became angry. 

Led by members of ‘Hindu Samhati’, local Hindus staged a protest yesterday by blocking the Basanti Highway in the Pilbara area. By burning tyres on the road, the protest continued for hours. They are demanding immediate arrest of the miscreants who broke the Murti. A massive police force reached the spot with high-ranking officials. The Police promised to identify and arrest the accused persons. But the protest continued. But after hours, the blockade was withdrawn, considering the inconvenience caused to the ordinary people.

A local leader of Hindu Samhita, Mrityunjay Mondal, said, “We want to see the arrest within 24 hours. We’ll not tolerate the insult and vandalism of our goddess. If the police fail to take action against the accused, we’ll organise a bigger protest.” 

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