Assam: Abdul Bari enters mosque, writes hateful words in the name of Bajrang Dal to incite anti-Hindu violence; arrested

A strange case has been reported from Patharkandi under the Karimganj district of Assam. A Muslim man intentionally wrote hateful words on the wall of a mosque to incite anti-Hindu violence. But, immediate action by the Police averted any further escalation. 

Hanifabad mosque is situated in the Achhimganj area under the jurisdiction of the Patharkandi Police Station. On the 16th of September, Saturday morning, local Muslims saw that a hateful message was written on the mosque wall. The news created anger among them. The letter was written in the name of Bajrang Dal. Tletterage was written in Bengali, which translates as “Who wears Burqa, who keeps the beard and wears skull-caps, Pakistan is the real place for them.” 

The mosque committee immediately informed the Patharkandi Police. The Police swung into action and launched an investigation. By analysing the CCTV footage, the Police found that in the dead of the night, a man entered the mosque and was writing something on the wall. With the help of local Muslims, the Police soon identified the man. The man has been identified as Abdul Bari, a cloth merchant in the Ahhimganj market. Soon, he was arrested. 

During the primary interrogation,  Abdul confessed his crime. As per sources, he allegedly wrote those hateful words in the mosque to incite anti-Hindu violence. 

Later, to maintain communal harmony in the area, the Mosque Committee organised a peace meeting. Prominent persons from both Hindu and Muslim communities took part in the forum. All condemned the act of Abdul Bari and agreed to maintain peace and harmony in the area.

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