Assam: Islamists attacked Shri Ganesh temple in Baksa, vandalised temple and the Murti

Now, an incident of Islamists attack on Hindu temple came from the Baksa district of Assam. Islamists led by Mafij Uddin, attacked the temple and broke the Murti of Sri Ganesh on 7th of September.

As per reports, the Murti breaking incident occurred in Fatemabad Tea Garden area of Baksa district. Local businessman Mafij Uddin with his gang broke the temple gate. Then, he and associates entered the temple and threw away the Murti of Shri Ganesh outside. Also, Islamists threw away other things used in the temple.

After hearing the news, local Hindus got angry and gathered in the temple premises in large numbers. They found the broken murti of Shri Ganesh inside a bush near the temple. Meanwhile, Islamists fled from the spot. 

As per sources, accused Mafij uddin is a contractor and works in different projects of the tea garden. The Shri Ganesh temple is situated near the Fatemabad tea garden and workers used to worship there. Local Hindus alleged that Mafij Uddin attacked the temple and broke the Murti out of hate. They also demanded immediate arrest of the accused Mafij Uddin and others.  

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