Bangladesh: 6 Muslim personnel of the Bangladesh Army gang-raped a  Janajatiya girl in Kaptai

It has been alleged that a 16-year-old Marma girl was forcibly gang-raped by six army personnel in the civil dress of the Bangladesh military forces in Raikhali Union of Kaptai Upazila under Rangamati District. The girl belongs to the Marma community, which is a Janajatiya community, lives mainly in the Chittagong Hill area.

According to local sources, on Sunday (September 3) at approximately 9:00 am, six military personnel of the Mitingachari army camp of Raikhali union under 56 Bengal of Kaptai army zone gang-raped a student of SSC class of Mitingyachari village of Ward No. 8 of Raikhali union.

After the incident, the camp authorities called the gang-rape victim’s family and the head of the village to the camp and ordered them not to disclose to anyone. The army men also threatened the victim’s family with dire consequences if they disclose to anyone about the incident.

At present, the condition of the raped girl is critical. Also, the girl is traumatised. It is learnt that this incident has caused a lot of anger among the local Janajatiya people.

Notably, Muslim personnel of the Bangladesh Army, posted in Hill areas of Chittagong and Rangamati, often rape and gang-rape Janajatiya women. But, the cases never come to the police. The powerful Army allegedly suppresses them, and victims of Janajatiya women never get justice. 

It is also worth mentioning that from January to June 2023, there have been 12 incidents of violence against Jumma women and girls, of which 11 women have been victims of human rights violations. Out of 12 incidents, only two accused persons were arrested by the police. At least 24 accused persons in the remaining ten incidents were remained out of arrest.

It should be noted that none of the incidents of violence against Jumma women and girls have been properly prosecuted. Due to this lack of justice, criminals get away and commit such incidents again and again. As a result, women of Janajatiya Marma and Jumma community today are forced to live in extreme insecurity.

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