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Assam: Dr. Alima Akhtar gets death threats from her family for embracing Sanatan Hindu Dharma

A video of a Muslim woman said to be a doctor went viral on social media in Assam. The doctor, identified as Dr Alima Akhtar, a doctor of Dibrugarh Hospital, said that she had left Islam of her own will and should not be harassed. She also alleged that her family members have threatened her to kill.

In the viral video, the girl said she embraced Sanatan Hindu Dharma of her own will to save herself from marriage to some elderly Maulana. She said, “Please let me live my own life I love.”

Recorded in an unknown airport, she said, “Take this video as a statement. You can see I’m roaming freely. No one has kidnapped me. My family has filed a case that I’ve been kidnapped. But I’m not. I’ve embraced Sanatan Hindu Dharma and want to live freely, want to study and live in peace. To save myself from marriage with some elderly Maulana, I ran off from home.”

After the video went viral, Chief Minister Himanta Biswasarma took cognisance of the matter and directed senior police officials to take decisive actions against those threatening the doctor. 

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