Bangladesh: Islamists beat a Hindu lawyer in Dhaka

Islamists best up a Hindu lawyer in Dhaka. The lawyer is now home after treatment at Dhaka National Medical College and Hospital. 

Advocate Madhusudan Deb is a well-known lawyer and lives with his family in Dhaka Matijhil Colony. Yesterday, on the 30th of August, Islamists attacked him, his son and his wife. Islamists beat all of them mercilessly. 

As per the information, on the previous day, his son went to play football. There, on the ground, a brawl broke out between his son and another boy of Muslim community. After that, his son returned home. The following day, Islamists attacked. With sticks in hand, they beat the lawyer, his son and his wife. Later, all of them are taken to hospital, and they are released after treatment. 

The lawyer filed a complaint at Matijhil Police Station against Jasim Uddin and others. Police started the investigation. But, till now, no one has been arrested so far. 

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