Bangladesh: 4 Islamists gang-raped a Hindu woman in Pirojpur

Hindu minorities are being targeted everyday in Muslim majority Bangladesh. Now, a case of gang-rape has been reported from Pirojpur district of Bangladesh. Based on the complaint, RAB-8 launched a manhunt and arrested the main accused Muhammad Imran(30). Others are still absconding.

According to the press release by RAB(Rapid Action Battalion), the incident happened on 24th of August. The victim Hindu woman, Tumpa Roy(26) booked a motorcycle for her own purposes. The driver, Muhammad Imran(30) took the woman in a lonely area instead of her destination. There, main accused Imran held the woman captive in a deserted house, a roadside hut. Subsequently, Imran called his three friends.

Within 30 minutes, other accused Muhammad Sohag Mir(34), Amin Khan(40) and Muhammad Rakib Shikdar(25) reached there. They repeatedly gang-raped the Hindu woman. Then, they left the woman there, bleeding.

Hearing her screams, locals recovered the woman and admitted her to the hospital. Later, the victim Hindu woman filed a complaint in Pirojpur Sadar Police Station, whose number is 18/194/2023. Based on the complaint, the Police started a case against the accused under different sections of BPC(Bangladesh Penal Code) including Woman and Child protection Act, 2000. Later, the investigation was handed over to RAB-8. Notably, RAB is the elite force of Bangladesh Police and only serious cases are handed to them.

On 26th of August, RAB-8 arrested the main accused Muhammad Imran(30) from Barishal. Later, he was handed over to the Pirojpur Police. Others are still absconding.  

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