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West Bengal: Land mafias attacked poor Janajatiya families in North Dinajpur, many houses burnt; BJP MP Raju Bista visited the village

At least 12 houses belonged to the poor Janajatiya families had been burnt to ashes with all other belongings including foods and clothes in Chopra of North Dinajpur district of West Bengal. Land mafias backed by local TMC MLA Hamidul Rahman attacked the poor Janajatiya families to evict them, alleged local BJP workers. 

As per local sources, the Janajatiya families live beside the Peyarilal Tea Garden, situated at Amabari-Lodhabari village under Chopra Police Station. 

BJP MP Raju Bista alleged that around 7 days ago, land mafias attacked the poor Janajatiya families. He also alleged that the Police didn’t take any actions against the mafias. 

BJP MP Raju Bista visited the affected families, and took a police officer to task, “You have been trained to keep people safe. If this happens with your mother and daughter, wouldn’t you be reduced to tears? Aren’t you human, don’t you have an Atma? You are a Mandal (his surname), so must be believing in Bhagwan…but these poor women’s husbands are shot and you did nothing. Why didn’t you fire back? What is the purpose of this service revolver? Kill 2 of  them (criminals), rest will run away. Are you scared for your job? If you can’t save your mother and daughters, Bhagwan won’t forgive you”.

Addressed the media, Bista said, “150 janjatiya (adivasi) families, numbering total 500-600 people, have been working on the tea gardens here for generations.  7 days back, they were attacked by around 400 goons, 12 of their houses were burnt, crude bombs were thrown & guns were fired, injuring at least 12 people…I will make all provisions for their food & clothing till the situation normalizes and assist in rebuilding their houses.”

“Police is said to be complicit and hand in glove with the mafia. In Chopra, nominations are not allowed to be filed, Hindu janjatiyas are attacked frequently… when the MP wants to visit, police stops him saying its a ‘sensitive zone’. The Police IC should be dismissed, he misbehaves with janjatiya women and snatched their phones when they were trying to record the atrocities on them.

“I ask Mamata didi, the CM, to wake up. Else the janjatiya women and children who are crying will never forgive you. It is your duty to stop your MLAs who are helping mafia attack janjatiyas. I will raise this issue with the President and request for BSF/Army to be deployed till situation normalizes here. I am not here to do politics, we all should think how will we feel if something like this happens with our mothers and sisters. TMC leaders have allowed illegal immigrants like Rohingyas to proliferate here and carry out crimes, Chopra needs NRC,” the young MP added.

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