Assam: Four Bangladeshi Muslim infiltrators arrested in Cachar

Muslim infiltration from Bangladesh in Bharat is continuously happening. This time, four Bangladeshi Muslim citizens were arrested from the Cachar district of Assam. 

As per reports, the arrested are identified as Safiq Ali, Javed Ali, Muntasir Ali and Muhammad Ali. 

During primary interrogation, they said that they are residents of Bangladesh. Safiq Ali is a resident of Sylhet district, Muntasir Ali and Javed Ali are from Habiganj and Muhammad Ali is a resident of Sunamganj district of Bangladesh. 

On the 30th of July morning, members of the Village Defence Force(VDF) detained them at the Gumrah Market area. The four were walking at the market aimlessly. On doubt, VDF members detained them and questioned about their whereabouts. They couldn’t tell clearly. Later, VDF members informed Gumrah Police. 

Police soon came and took them to Station. There, they couldn’t show any documents of Bharatiya citizenship. Also, during interrogation, they said that they entered Bharat around three months ago. They went to Jammu and stayed there. A few days ago, they returned to Assam. Why they returned to Assam, is not known yet. 

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