Assam: Najibur Rahman murders his Hindu wife and her whole family in Golaghat

Yesterday, on 24th of July, a case of brutal killings rocked Golaghat town of Assam resulting in protests of angry Hindus. A Muslim youth named Najibur Rahman(35) murdered his Hindu wife Sanghamitra Ghosh, father-in-law Sanjeev Ghosh and Mother-in-Law Junu Ghosh in Golaghat town. Later, Najibur Rahman surrendered to the police.

Sanghamitra Ghosh was a resident of the Hindi School Road area of Golaghat town. Today, the whole family is murdered by Najibur. 

As per received information from local sources, a few years ago Sanghamitra Ghosh came in touch with Najibur. Then, Najibur allegedly introduced himself as a Hindu and soon their relationship started. Later, they got married and started to live together. They became parents of a 9-month-old child. 

But the situation took a different turn when Sanghamitra came to know that Najibur Rahman is a Muslim and she had been cheated. So she left him and came to her parents with her child. Since then, she has been living in her parents’ house. 

Yesterday morning, Najibur allegedly came to Sanghamitra’s house. With a sharp weapon, Najibur murdered his wife Sanghamitra, father-in-law Sanjeev Ghosh and Mother-in-Law Junu Ghosh. Later, he surrendered to the police with his 9-month-old child. 

This brutal murder incident has sparked widespread protests in Golaghat town. Angry local Hindus gheraoed police station led by VHP. Also, VHP has called for a shutdown of the whole district on the 25th of July. 

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