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West Bengal: Two Janajatiya women stripped naked and thrashed with shoes, 5 arrested 

While much outrage has been witnessed regarding the unfortunate incident in Manipur, very little attention has been given to the incident in the Maldah district of West Bengal where two Janajatiya women were disgraced in public, stripped naked and thrashed with shoes. 

The video of the inhuman act is still available on various social media platforms. In the video, it can be seen that some women were mercilessly beating two women, stripped naked and we’re thrashing them with shoes. While all this was happening, others were just standing and watching.  Some also were recording this heinous act on their mobile phones.

As per the available information, the incident occurred at the Pakuahat market area under the Bamongola Police Station of Maldah district of West Bengal. Two victim women belong to the Jajatiya community. 

Soon after the incident,  the two women, who were tortured inhumanely, were reluctant to file a complaint with the police station. Also, they were first detained by police in an allegation of theft. But after the video became viral on social media, the whole scenario changed. 

So far police identified and arrested 5 accused in this incident.  Also, police have been searching for the other two.

The daughter of one of the tortured women alleged, “My mother and my aunt went to the market to sell lemons there. A sweet seller alleged that they stole from their shop. After that, some people grabbed them by their hair and started to beat them. Soon, they were stripped to face disgrace in full public view. Few policemen were deployed in the market, but while all these were happening, they were just mute spectators.”

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