Assam: Police arrested boyfriend Pinak Shuklabaidya in gruesome murder of Pinki Roy

Police arrested Pinak Shuklabaidya, accused in the gruesome murder of Pinki Roy at Rangirkhari of Silchar. Describing the incident ‘gruesome’, Cachar SP Numal Mahatta confirmed the arrest of the accused in a press briefing earlier today.

The mutilated deadbody of the girl was recovered from a under construction building in Rangirkhari of Silchar. Following that, a large crowd gathered at Rangirkhari point demanding the encounter of the accused. Family members also alleged that the woman was raped and murdered after acid attack. Earlier, Hindu Voice reported about the incident

Cachar SP Numal Mahatta himself investigated the case as per the direction of DGP of Assam, who has been closely monitoring the case. 

Cachar SP shared that Pinak Shuklabaidya murdered Pinki Roy on the night of 14th of July in the under construction building. He stayed the night in the building. The next morning, he went to bus terminus and took a bus to Guwahati. There, he also booked a ticket from Bangalore to Guwahati to give the impression that he returned to Assam after the hearing the news of death of her girlfriend. 

But after hours of intense interrogation, the accused confessed his crime. The SP Numal Mahatta also promised strong chargesheet against the accused. He also pointed out to the love triangle matter and the fact is yet to be confirmed after completion the investigation. 

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