Bangladesh: Islamic radicals abducted two minor Hindu girls in Coomilla

Abduction of minor Hindu girls is continuously happening in Muslim majority Bangladesh. Now, news is coming in from Coomilla district that islamic radicals kidnapped two minor Hindu girls, who are cousin sisters. 

As per complaint, on 4th July afternoon, Muhammad Sojib Miyan, Muhammad Shakil and others kidnapped the girls from a road near their home at Telikona Sahapara under Kotowali Model Police Station area of Coomilla. 

The abducted minor girls are identified as Bristi Rani Saha(16) and Laboni Saha(17). They are cousin sisters. On the day of the incident, they both went missing from the road near their home.

In the written complaint, Sima Rani Saha, mother of Brishti Rani Saha alleged that after abduction of daughters, Shakil and his friend posted ‘Mission done’ in Social media platform Facebook. 

She also alleged that in spite of filing complaint, police is not active yet to trace and recover them. Also, the incident got no attention from the mainstream media of Bangladesh. 

In past few months, news of abduction and conversion of minor Hindu girls have been coming in. In May this year, a 13 years old girl Aishi Saha was abducted from Barishal. After much outrage, she has been recovered recently from Dhaka and she has been converted in Islam. In this case also, mothers suspect that their girls might be kidnapped to forcefully convert and married of to their abductors.  

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