Bangladesh: Muhammad Siddique broke Murtis of a temple in broad daylight, video goes viral

Attack on Hindu temples in Muslim majority Bangladesh continues. This time, a Muslim youth enters a Hindu temple and broke several Murtis. 

The incident has been reported from Joypur area under Savar of Dhaka. Yesterday, on 22nd of June, Muslim youth named Muhammad Siddique entered the temple of Joypur area. A sword in hand, Siddique has been seen breaking one after another Murtis of the temple. He also used abusive words to Hindus. 

While he was breaking the Murtis, people outside were watching. Some people also were recording a video. Siddique could be heard saying, “I can’t tolerate Hindus. The video of Murti breaking has gone viral in social media. 

Later, locals caught him and handed over to police.

Breaking Murtis of Hindu temples is very common in Bangladesh. And it mainly happens mostly on Friday. Why islamic radicals break Murtis on Friday, is not clear yet. 

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