Tripura: 7 Bangladeshis and 4 Rohingyas arrested for illegally entering India

Day by day, Tripura is becoming corridor of Muslim infiltration from Bangladesh. Every month police is detaining Muslim infiltrators from Bangladesh who are entering India through unfenced borders of Tripura.

This time police arrested 7 Bangladeshis and 4 Rohingyas. Police also arrested 3 Indian citizens who helped to cross the border for money. 

Arrested Bangladeshi nationals have been identified as – Rahman Ali(30), Jannatara(19), Khaleda Begum(19), Majuma Begum(17), Karima Begum(28), Abbas Howladar(35) and Al Hafij(18). 

The four Rohingyas have been identified as Muhammad Alam(20), Kumira Bibi(18), Farida Begum(18) and Shafela Begum(18). 

Late last night, during a naka checking at Kadamtala Jerjeri road near Assam-Tripura border, Police detained them. During interrogation, they couldn’t produce any legal documents of Bharatiya citizenship. 

They also said that they all were going to Delhi. They entered India with the help of 3 agents and they were taking them to safe location. Also, agents promised them to send them to Delhi safely.

According to police, the name of the three agents are Abdul Fatta Khan, Chaubar Khan and Chhayad Ali. 

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