Assam: BJP leader Jonali Nath brutally murdered, Police arrested Hasanur Islam

Police arrested Hasanur Rahman for murdering BJP’S Goyalpara district Secretary Jonali Nath. Yesterday, police arrested him. 

According to police, Hasanur confessed his crime. 

In a press conference, top officials of Goyalpara district police said that Jonali Nath had been murdered due to tension in relationship. There is no political angle in this murder. 

Why and how she was murdered? According to police officials, Jonali Nath was an active person in BJP. She was married and has two daughters. But she had an extramarital affair with Hasanur Rahman for two years. They both were in a car. There a scuffle broke out between them. In rage, Hasanur punched Jonali Nath in face several times. She fainted. To ensure her death, he choked her with his hands. Later he threw the body on raod at Krishna Shalpara area and fled.

During investigation, police got a lead from Jonali Nath’s call list. But when police tried to contact Hasanur, his phone was switched off. Later he was picked up. During interrogation, he confessed his crime. Yesterday he was produced in local court and he has been sent to 5 days police custody.

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