Cattle smuggling from Myanmar: Mojibur Rahman and Jiaul Islam arrested

Cow smuggling into Bharat from neighbouring countries Bangladesh and Myanmar continues. This time Assam police recovered 14 cows and arrested two cattle smugglers. 

The arrested are identified as Mojibur Rahman Borbhiuya and Jiaul Islam. Mojibur Rahman is resident of Panchguri Balicherra village under Bilaipur police station and Jiaul is resident of Kumrakhauri village under Bilaipur police station. 

According to police, they both brought the cattles into Assam from Myanmar. They were planning to sell those cattles in different parts of Hailakandi district. But before that, based on information received from source, Bilaipur police raided Nunai area on midnight of 9th of June. Police arrested Mojibur Rahman and Jiaul and recovered 14 cattles from their possession. 

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