Assam: Police arrested Shahid Ahmed and seized Heroins worth 10 Crore Rupees

In a joint operation, Cachar Police and Karimganj Police seized 100 soap boxes containing 1.4Kg Heroin worth over INR 10 crore rupees. Also police arrested drug smuggler Shahid Ahmed.

On 2nd of June, a team of police officers raided a house at Sincoorie road in Silchar town. There police found 100 soap boxes from the house of Shahid Ahmed. The boxes are contained with Heroins. Police seized the drugs and arrested Shahid.

Police sources revealed that smugglers are taking in drugs into Assam. To avoid police, drug smugglers are adopting to various tactics. Drugs are coming mainly from other North-East states. Market value of seized drugs is over INR 10 crore rupees. 

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