West Bengal

West Bengal: Robbery in Shiva temple, local Hindus blocked road in protest 

Local Hindus blocked state highway protesting against the robbery in famous Sannyasitala Shiva temple in Chopra under North Dinajpur district. Local Hindus demanded immediate arrest of the robbers. 

According to local sources, on Wednesday night, a group of robbers attacked the Shiva temple. On that time two civic volunteers were deployed in the temple. But they failed to resist the robbery. Robbers beat them up and looted two donation boxes from the temple.

President of the temple committee, Srivas Mondal said, “We came to know the about the robbery in the morning. This type of incident never happened in this temple. We informed police and demanded immediate arrest of the robbers.”

He also said that the whole incident is recorded in the temple CCTV footage. In the footage, 6 to 7 men were seen. 

As the Shiva temple is famous, local Hindus are very angry at this. They blocked road in front of Daspara police outpost. They burned tired to block the road. Later, they withdraw blockade as police promised protesters to arrest robbers.  

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