Bangladesh: Hindu boy arrested over a Facebook comment on Quran

Persecution on minority Hindu community of Bangladesh continues. This time in Nilphamari district, a Hindu boy wis arrested over blasphemy. Local muslims alleged that the boy made deregotory remarks against the holy Quran.

According to the information received, the name of the arrested boy is Jibon Kumar Roy (22). He is a resident of Dimpla area under Nilphamari district. He was very active in social media platform Facebook.

It is alleged that Jibon made a comment in a Facebook post related to Quran. Jibon allegedly wrote ‘Fake Quran‘. Very soon screenshot of his comment got viral. Islamic radicals became active and the screenshot was spread widely.

The police took the matter very seriously and detained Jibon Kumar Roy. Later he was arrested under ‘Digital Security Act’, which is termed as blasphemy law.

This arrest made many Hindu minorities in Bangladesh angry. As in recent months, many people belong to Hindu community got arrested over blasphemy law. Many of them were arrested over fabricated allegations. But, amid rising incidents of insulting and mocking of Hindu beliefs and Gods, no law is passed or no one is arrested over that. Many said, law of Bangladesh is discriminatory and Hindus are the biggest victim of that.

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