Assam: Converted family came back to Hindu Dharma, Christian goons beat and stabbed them

A converted family faced brutal attack by Christian goons backed by missionaries in Assam’s Karimganj district, because they came back to Hindu Dharma. The family already filed a complaint in Bazaricherra Police station against the accused.

In the written complaint, Tingseak Vav Chorai alleged that her family was attacked, her three years old daughter and husband were beaten and stabbed with sharp weapon because they left Christianity and came back to Hindu Dharma.

She stated that due to influence of Christian missionaries, her whole family got converted two years ago. But, this year her whole family came back to Hindu Dharma. Since then, they are following Hindu rituals and practices.

Image: copy of written complaint

She alleged that after Ghar Wapsi, some Christians were threatening them to face dire consequences if they didn’t become Christian again.

Accroding to police complaint, on the night of 22 February, 2023; a group of Christian goons entered their home. They beat her husband, her three years old daughter and her husband badly. They also stabbed her husband Thivmingir Chorai with sharp weapon.

She filed complaint against (1) Thirmilien Chorai, (2) Thirmi Bum Chorai, (3) Thirmi Lal Chorai, (4) Pholranglien Halam, (5) Rolmunngir Chorai and (6) Somi Mizo. All the accused are residents of village Khulicherra under Bazaricherra Police station of Karimganj district of Assam.

As per sources, police took the complaint and is investigating the matter.

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