Assam: Sold Hindu girl recovered from Mengaluru, Wahab Ali Khan arrested

After months of investigation, Hailakandi police recovered missing Hindu girl of Lala area from Mengaluru. Police arrested the middleman Dipan Rabidas and the buyer Wahab Ali Khan.

According to sources, few months ago the girl named Manali Rabidas(name changed), a resident of village Monachhora under Lala police station, suddenly got missing. Her sister Puja filed a complaint in Lala police station and suspected that her sister might be trafficked by her Facebook friend Dipan Rabidas.

During investigation, from her Facebook profile police identified a youth named Dipan Rabidas, a resident of Cachar district. Upon interrogation, police came to know that Dipan trapped the girl and took her to Mengaluru. She was promised to be given a job. Dipan said that he sold the girl to a person named Wahab Ali Khan alias Khan Bhai. Subsequently Dipan was arrested.

Later, a team of Hailakandi police reached Mengaluru and recovered the girl from the house of Wahab Ali Khan and also the girl is recovered. Police brought them back to Assam. Upon medical checkup, it is found that the girl is seven months pregnant.

During praimary interrogation, Wahab Ali Khan said that he brought the girl from Dipan. Since then, he was keeping the girl captive in his home. But how the girl got pregnant? Is she sexually assaulted or is she being treated as sex-slave? Police is yet to make a comment on that. Now they both are in police custody.

Bilal Ahmed Borbhunia, OC of Lala police station said that investigation is going on. It’s clear that the girl is trapped by trafficking racket. We will get to know after the investigation ends.

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