Love Jihad

Love Jihad: Hindu girl went to Bangladesh over Facebook Love, returned after betrayal

A case of international Love-Jihad has come to light recently. A Hindu girl from West Bengal got trapped in Love-Jihad and went to Bangladesh. But after betrayal of her Bangladeshi lover, the girl returned safely to India with the help of a Bangladeshi Hindu woman.

As per information, Kavita Sarkar, a resident of Ranaghat of Nadia district of West Bengal got in touch with Bangladeshi Muslim boy Saiful Khan through social media platform Facebook. Very soon their love affair started. The relationship continued for four years.

Eager to meet her lover and to start a new life, Kavita decided to go to Bangladesh. 

On 3rd December of 2022, Kavita went to Bangladesh through Vomra border. From there, she went to Chattagram to meet her lover Saiful Khan. There they lived together for two months in a rented house. But Saiful refused to marry her, alleged Kavita. 

Meanwhile, her Visa was expired on 1st February, 2023 and she was facing other problems. So she took help from a Bangladeshi Hindu woman and came to Khulna district. Later, She got her Visa extended. On 13th of February, she returned to India.

While talking to Bangladeshi media, Kavita said, ‘‘I saved money for years to come to Bangladesh to meet Saiful. But he betrayed me after living with me for two months. I never thought that he would cheat me.’’

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