Bangladesh: Murtis of 14 Hindu Temples broken in one night

Attack on Hindu temples is continuing in Muslim majority Bangladesh. This time in one night, Murtis of 14 Temples had been broken by unknown miscreants. And all the temples are situated at Baliyadangi Upozila of Thakurgaon district. Police is yet to identify and arrest the culprits.

Image: broken Murti of Ma Kali

Khayrul Alam, OC of Baliyadangi said, ‘In primary investigation, it is clear that Murtis are broken on Saturday night and Sunday morning. Mainly temples of Dhontala, Charol and Pariya Unions are targeted.’

Image: broken, headless Murti of Ma Laxmi

According to Bidyanath Barman, Secretary, Baliyadangi Upozila Puja Udjapon Parishad; Murtis of 9 temples of Dhontala Union, Murti of 1 Temple in Charol Union and Murtis of 4 temples of Pariya Union were broken.

He also said that, “In Dhontala Union area, Murtis of one Hari Temple, One Sri Krishna Temple, five Ma Manasa Temple, one Ma Laxmi Temple and one Kali temple were broken.”

Image: Murti of Ma Kali found broken in another temple

In Charol Union, Murtis of one Ma Kali temple was broken. In Pariya Union area, Murtis of one Ma Shitala Temple, one Ma Laxmi Temple, one Amati temple, one Masan temple were broken.

According to locals, in the next morning, broken Murtis were seen broken. Some broken parts were found inside the temple and some were found outside. Also, some Murtis were broken and thrown out into the adjacent pond.

Local Hindus suspect role of islamic radicals behind this heinous act. They demanded immediate identification and arrest of the accused. But till now no one is identified or arrested.

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