Bangladesh: Theft in Ma Magadeswari Temple of Chattragram

A case of theft has been reported from Bangladesh. According to information, theft happened in Ma Magadeswari Temple at Patia of Chattragram.

Local sources said, today morning temple priest saw that the lock of the temple door is broken. He saw that all the valuable ornaments from the Bigraha are also missing. After that he informed local Hindus.

Hearing this, local Hindus rushed to the temple. It is also found that unknown thieves had broken the donation box of the temple and had taken away all the money.

Ma Magadeswari temple is a Kali temple and it is very famous among Hindus of Chattagram and nearby districts. It is situated at Chakrashala village under Patia Police station of Chattragram district of Bangladesh.

It is assumed that unknown thieves entered into the temple at previous night. Till now, no one is identified and arrested.

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