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West Bengal: Thieves are targeting Rich Hindu Temples

Recently, thieves are targeting famous and rich hindu temples of West Bengal. Theft is happening in one after another temples. Almost everyday atleast one hindu temple is targeted. And these thefts are not limited to particular one district. In past one month, theft happened in atleast 5 Hindu Hindu temples. Ornaments worth of crores of rupees stolen and money from temple donation box has been taken.

Here are some of the recent incidents:

20 December, 2022:-

Image: Baganchra Bag Devi Temple of Shantipur, Nadia

On that day, theft happened in the Baganchra Bag Devi Temple of Shantipur under Nadia district. Thieves broke the lock of the temple door and took away all the money from the donation box. Locals saying, theft has happened in the temple for the first time in hundreds of years. Temple is hundreds of years old. Complaint was filed in shantipur Police station. But no one arrested so far.

24 December, 2022:-

Theft happened in Kamakshya Temple at Chandranagar village under Namkhana police station of South 24 Parganas district. The temple is although a big temple, but it is a personal temple and is managed by a hindu family of the village.

Image: Kamakshya Temple of Namkhana, South 24 Parganas

According to information, thieves took away ornaments worth than 1 lac rupees from the Bigraha(idol). Gold ornaments, utensils used for daily Puja were stolen. Complaint filed in Namkhana police station. But police is yet to arrest any accused. So far, police could not track or arrest anyone of the accused. Besides, police could not recover any stolen gold ornaments of the temple.

29 December, 2022:-

On that day, theft happened in Shiva and Sri Hanuman temple of Bijan area under New Town police station of Durgapur under Paschim Bardhaman district. Thieves took away all the money from the donation box. Also, took away gold and silver ornaments from the Bigraha(idol). As per information, apart from ornaments, thieves took away ₹ 25 Thousand rupees from the donation box.

Image: Shiva Temple of Durgapur, Paschim Bardhaman

Locals said that the temple was established in 2009. Since then, daily puja has been going on and local hindu residents also offered her puja. They are angry on this theft case. They alleged that lack of police patrolling at night, thefts were happening.

07 January, 2023: –

Again theft in another temple of Shantipur under Nadia district. Theft happened in a hindu temple of Ramnagar area under Shantipur district. Gold ornaments worth of ₹ 1.5 lac of rupees were stolen from the temple. Complaint filed, but no one arrested so far.

13 January, 2023:

Image: Sri Krishna temple of Manikchwak, Maldah

This time theft happened in a Sri Krishna Temple of Bishanpur under Manikchwak police station of Maldah district. Thieves took away two idols made of rare stones and also took away ornaments and money . Thieves also took away one murti of Ma Durga.

15 January, 2023: –

Theft happened in the famous Hindu temple of katwa of Purba Bardhaman district. Thieves took away all the valuable things from Damodar Prabhu Sri Temple. According to pujari of the temple, silver ornaments total 1 Kg have been stolen.

Apart from all the above incidents, thefts are also happening almost every day in hindu temples in different districts of West Bengal. And this cases have been rising in recent times. It has also been seen that thieves are targeting temples situated in small towns and villages as there were no CCTV surveillance. And in most of the cases, Police is yet to arrest the accused.

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