Yearly Hindu Persecution Report of Bangladesh, 2022

We all aware of the fact that persecution of Hindu minorities never ceases in our neighbouring country Bangladesh. Although in the past years, ruling Awami League party leaders had promised to secure the dignity and lives of Hindu minorities, but all that were in vain. Still Hindus are living in fear, without dignity and security in grassroot level. That picture truly reflected in the yearly Hindu Persecution Report published by Bangladesh Jatiyo Hindu Mohajot(BJHMJ).

On Friday, BJHM leaders published their report in Dhaka Reporters’ Unity hall. And what we see? A horrifying picture of Hindu Persecution.

In 2022, Islamic radical elements tried to kill 424 people of Hindu Minorty community and till now 62 people from minority community is missing.

Besides, attack on Hindu villages throughout the Bangladesh by Islamic mob happened 953 times.

Due to torture of Islamic radical elements, 445 Hindu families are forced to leave the country permanently.

In 2022, 39 Hindu and Tribal Hindu girls were raped. Among 39 cases, 27 girls were gangraped. Besides, 14 girls were killed after rape.

Influencial leaders and Islamic radical elements have captured 89, 990 acres of land belonged to Hindu minority community.

In 2022, lands of 51 Hindu temples have been grabbed illegally. Attack, arson and vandalism happened in 128 temples, 481 idols vandalised in Bangladesh.

In the year 2022, 152 people of Minorty Hindu community have been converted into Islam. 333 people were fed beef forcefully.

In the report, it is evident that different tribal communities also tortured, threatened and persecuted by Islamic radical elements. Tribals of Tanchagya, Santhal, Sro and Tripura communities are persecuted. Total 6,550 acres of land belonged to these tribals are captured and they had been evicted.

Besides, leadership of BJHMJ published some demands to ensure security and dignity of Hindu minority communities. They repeatedly demanded to increase number of representatives in the Bangladesh National Parliament. In this purpose, the leadership demanded to reserve 60 Seats in Parliament for Hindu minorities. They also demanded to set up a Minority Welfare Ministry.

The Secretary General of BJHMJ, Shri Govinda Chandra Pramanik said, ‘Persecution of Hindu minorities in Bangladesh have never stopped. We assembled this persecution data from our local units in different districts and villages and media reports. This report proves that Hindus are not secure in this country and can’t live with dignity with religious freedom. We have seen govt and administration trying their best, but we think a lot more to do.’

(Image Description: A Hindu woman is crying in front of her burnt home at Sahapara locality of Dighalia village under Lohagara Upozila of Norail district of Bangladesh; July, 2022.)

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