West Bengal: Muslim family embraced Sanatan Dharma


A muslim family in Bankura voluntarily accepted Hindu religion. 4 members of the family returned to Hinduism with the active help and support from ‛Hindu Samhati’.

It needs to be mentioned that Bankura’s Babul Sheikh had the urge to return to Hinduism since 2009. But he never got the adequate help or support. But even after that, he had his will to reconvert back to Hinduism for more than a decade which was ultimately fulfilled with the help of Hindu Samhati.

Shri Debtanu Bhattacharjee of Hindu Samhati arranged everything for their reconversion. The organisation offered them legal help as well. After filing an affidavit in the court, the family officially became Hindus yesterday.

Babul Sheikh changed his name to Babul Das. Champa Bibi turned to Champa Das and their daughter Nazma Khatun and Sweety Khatun changed their names to Saraswati Das and Nandita Das respectively.

“Some Hindu activists of Bakura, who don’t intend to disclose their names helped this family fulfil their wish to reconvert to Hinduism. I won’t make their contribution look small by just thanking them. They have done a great job and I am hopeful that one day, everyone shall return back to Hinduism. We will help them return,” said Debtanu Bhattacharjee.

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