Assam: Christian radicals desecrated Hindu religious site, Hindu organizations demand strict actions


Hindu Organisations Submit Memorandum to DC, Demand Action Against Christians Who Desecrated Hindu Religious Site in Katigorah

Hindu Rakshi Dal and Hindu Chatra Sangha members submitted a memorandum to the Deputy Commissioner’s office in Cachar on Monday and demanded strong action against the converted Khasi christian miscreants who desecrated a Hindu religious site in Mahadevtilla of Katigorah. In the memorandum, the organisations also demanded for the reinstallment of Shivling and the trishul in their previous, with a iron railing to avoid repeatation of similar acts in the future.

After a report by a daily local newspaper, the news about the Christian advancement in Katigorah of Cachar created a great deal of resentment in the Hindu majority district. The Khasi community, which is Christian by faith, lives in the foothills of Barail hills, to the north of Cachar district. According to the allegations by the local Hindus, the Khasi people recently cut down a Banyan tree and desecrated the place where the Shivling was worshipped for more than 100 years now. The Khasis also warned the local Manipuri Hindus to never return to that place to worship again, alleged the locals.

The local Manipuris have been worshipping the Shivling there for generations and are constantly facing the danger of evangelist conversion rackets in the recent time. The Hindu organisations have termed this act of the Khasi miscreants as an attempt to erase the last few traces of Hinduism from the hills and install Christianity by force.

Through the memorandum, the Hindu Rakshi Dal and Hindu Chatra Sangha demanded before the administration to nab the culprits and reinstall the Shivling and Trishul and enable the Hindus to worship in the place again, with adequate security measures for their life. The memorandum said that if the administration fails to reinstall the Shivling and nab the culprits within a month, then they will interfere on their own to secure Hinduism in the foothills of Barail Range.

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