Love Jihad: Minor Hindu girl trapped and taken to Meghalaya, recovered; Mujibar Rahman arrested


A minor hindu girl was trapped in Love Jihad in Katigorah of Assam. She was taken to Meghalaya. Later police started an operation and rescued the girl and Mujibur Rahman also arrested from Meghalaya.

On 6th of July, Wednesday, a minor hindu girl named Sheli Roy(name changed) from Boroitoli area of Kalain got kidnapped by a boy named Mujibur Rahman. The mother of Sheli lodged a complaint against Mujibur Rahman in the Kalain Watch Post, accusing him of kidnapping her daughter on Thursday. The police immediately began its investigation and arrested the kidnapper Mujibur Rahman along with the girl Sheli from a hidden shelter on Thursday midnight.

The kidnapper was kept in the Police custody and the girl was sent for the Silchar court. The Hindu population of the area got highly instigated by this act and the situation is tense in the ground level.

The Pashchim Cachar Zela President of Vishwa Hindu Parishad, Pareshchandra Paul said that there is no rule of law in Katigorah. Such kind of incidents have happened earlier as well and it is intolerable. He also threatened for mass protests on Thursday, if the police would have failed to arrest the kidnapper soon. However the kidnapper and the girl was rescued in time. He further said that one such arrest won’t end this cycle. The disease needs to be uprooted all from its origin to end such incidents.

Image Credit: Live Law

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