Love Jihad: Muslim Youth Arrested for Kidnapping Hindu Girl Using Hindu Identity in Assam


On accusations of kidnapping of a Hindu girl, a Muslim youth has been arrested by the Police in Udharbond of Assam. The Muslim boy Ahad Hussain (22), is a resident of the Kumbha Tea Garden in Udharbond. On Thursday, the girl was sent to a home, after proper medical checkup. Ahad Hussain has been kept in Police custody for further investigation.

As per the reports, the accused Ahad Hussain used to visit Digun Tea Garden for selling vegetables. In the mean moment, he came in contact with the girl. He disguised himself as a Hindu boy and hid his Muslim identity infront of the girl and thus established terms with her. Two months back, the boy eloped with the girl, promising her of marriage.

On the other hand, unable to find his daughter, the father of the victim girl brought the issue infront of the Digun Tea Estate’s Panchayat. The Panchayat managed to gather information about the whereabouts of the girl and it was made known that the boy was keeping the girl hidden in the house of one Altaf Hussain in Kumbha Tea Garden. The father of the girl finally registered a complaint against the accused Ahad Hussain in the Udharbond Police Station. In the complaint, he stated that the accused kidnapped his daughter 3 months back, when he was not in the home and she was all alone. He also accused that the Almirah of his home was also broken and much of the cash was stolen before taking away the girl.

According to reports, the Ahad Hussain threatened the father of the girl that he will kill both the girl and her father, if any report is filed with the police. Fearing the threats, the father of the girl remained silent at the begining. When he was informed that Ahad returned back to Kumbha Tea Garden with his daughter, on Tuesday, he finally went to the police to file the complaint against the accused. The police registered the complaint under the section 179 366/380/505 number. On the basis of the complaint, the boy was arrested on the midnight of Wednesday by the police. The matter is under investigation by police now.

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